How to have Balance with Kids, Job, and Life

Guest Post with Renee Sweeting!

“Something so important to me is balance. Last year it took me a while to figure out what exactly that looked like for me. This blogging journey started back in March which added to an already busy lifestyle of being a mom of two kids. I have 65% of the time with me with, their activities, my full time job as HR for my parents company, and my side hussle of owning apartments. All of the fun that goes along with that and trying to fit in selfcare. Be that being working out, time to myself, cleaning my home and of course my great boyfriend of almost two years now Kyle, doing date night and spending time together.


Since starting the #last90days challenge it teaches you to get up an hour earlier which has helped a ton. At first I was using this time to do my Instagram posting and engagement for the morning, but at 5 am you don’t see alot of activity. So I had to change it up and I really didn’t want to workout that early. When I workout I like to read a magazine, scroll social media, or watch tv. I don’t do a rough workout.

After doing the 80 days and doing Orange Theory and all the things for so long I needed a break. Now I am walking on the treadmill for at least a half hour. I do this after the kids get on the bus and I have the place all to myself. During that early hour I now do things for me, like laundry or cleaning or just checking my email. I plan on doing more blogging during this time and that is one of my goals this year.

During the Day 

After workout is done I get ready and head to work. Sometimes to the apartments to see what needs marked off on the never ending list of to dos. At the office I do HR and all the fun things with it. I manage the payroll and also do the books for myself for my rentals when I get all of my other items accomplished for the day. Lunch lately has been taken at the desk with leftovers or soup. All while trying to get caught up on all my personal bills and emails and if there is time blogging.


Thankfully the mom thing I have down. I have kind of always been a single parent even when I was married so use to doing everything all the time. I did the pickup, drop off, doctors appointments and sports all on my own. So when I did get divorced it was a major shock to the system of having time alone. That is a whole other post for another day. Using a system of when they get home, met them from the bus, doing homework and snacks.

Then activities after that in which everyone goes is part of our quiet time in the car waiting that hour for them to be done. Piper will bring a book or something to do while Will is at practice. Will and I will do flash cards or books or just have some down time while we wait on Piper. This only happens twice a week so far so I am kind of lucky we aren’t running around all the time. Dinner is during or after homework and lately its been Hello Fresh because of the fresh ingredients and so easy to make.


After that its bedtimes, Piper heads to bed and Will and I read books, lately its been Dogman. These are his favorite lately and I love that he is willing to sit and listen to me read them

Kyle is very understanding of all of my balancing and is there to support me in this wonderful journey. When I don’t have the kids we stay at his place and that can be a nice break. He also joins me in getting up early but he actually does go and workout lol.”

I hope that you enjoyed this guest post from Renee Sweeting! This is my first time ever having a guest blogger over here at KG Behind the Lens and Renee was perfect for it! I met her on instagram as a fellow blogger and adore everything about her. She is so supportive and is always there for advice on growth. As a mom, I am always trying to finding the balance of being a mom, blogger, and my full-time job as a photographer so this post was a perfect feature! Thank you for the article, Renee! I can’t wait to collaborate again!

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