Easter Basket Goodies for the Littles

Easter is fast approaching and it’s time to plan out the coordinating outfits and put together Easter baskets. I am almost 29 years old and my mother still gives me an Easter basket every year. After I had my first child, she told me that she was just going to put together an Easter Basket together for the baby, and I was NOT happy to not get one of my mom’s beautiful baskets. As ridiculous as it sounds, I was devastated because I love easter baskets. I don’t need a gift, I just want the Easter basket with the fun Easter-themed candy in it. Luckily, she still continues the tradition because she realized how sad I was…and I also voiced my opinion, lol.

My mom always included fun little outdoor gifts that can be used in the spring and into the summer, and I really believe that that’s the best type of gift. That’s what I want to continue to do for my girls as they grow up. This year I’m getting the girls little gardening tools and such because I want them to have a little garden of flowers to take care of. From sidewalk chalk to a bubble machine, I’ve got you covered!

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