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HAPPY MONDAY! I am ready for a productive new week! How about you?? Last week/weekend was extremely busy work wise. I had 14 homes to photograph and now this week I am working on editing and delivering those photos. Not complaining though because I am so grateful for the amount of work that I have going on right now. I honestly can’t believe how fortunate I have been to be so busy at the start of the new year! I also acquired a few new clients last week too so that’s also amazing.

I never thought that real estate photography would be more profitable than lifestyle photography, or that I would enjoy it more than lifestyle photography, but I do! I actually enjoy photographing homes and helping realtors decorate homes so they photograph beautifully. So much fun! And it also makes me work that much harder so I can eventually have a beautiful home like the ones that I photograph.

Also, last week, KG Behind the Lens turned 1!!! I am so thrilled to be on this journey with y’all and that y’all have even have an interest in this little ole blog of mine. Stay tuned this week because I will be sharing a blog post about what I have learned in my first year of blogging!

I hope that y’all have an amazing week!!



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  1. Loved all your outfits this week! That camo is so tempting! Congrats on one year! Wishing you so many more, love!

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