Be an Outfit Repeater!

As a blogger, I understand the need/want for having brand new clothes and for everything to be in the current season. We want to be on trend and we want our followers to like what they see and not get bored with us. I get it. I even got caught up in it a while back, wanting to have the latest and greatest, but I quickly realized that I was drifting away from why I started blogging in the first place…and spending way too much money.

One of my main goals as a blogger is to inspire. I want to be 100% authentic and relatable. You know what’s not relatable? Not wearing the same thing multiple times and having something new to wear for every single day. At least for me. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the money to purchase anything and everything that is on my radar – no matter how much I want to. But I have learned that it is absolutely okay to not have brand new clothes hanging in your closet.

Before I became a blogger, I would always be so jealous envious of the girls with their new outfits in every post. They surely did their job right because I wanted to be just like them and I wanted new clothes every time I saw a new post. I had always wanted to be an outfit blogger, but didn’t think that I had the clothes to do it. I didn’t think anyone would want to see my super casual outfits of jeans, leggings, graphic tees, and baseball caps. Turns out, a lot of people do – and it’s RELATABLE! Now I do like nicer clothes and I still purchase new clothes. The point is that I need to stick to my true self and repeat my outfits because I LIKE THEM. And I want others to stick to their true selves as well.

So…guess what. BE AN OUTFIT REPEATER. That’s right. It’s fine. The world is going to keep spinning. Why is it okay? BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT THE DAMN CLOTHES! That’s why. You spent money on these clothes and you should be wearing them more than once – AND posting about them AND wearing them in a new way. That’s also why I chose to not spend anymore money in the month of January. I splurged on the Christmas sales.

My main point is to never feel like you’re not trendy and stylish because you don’t have brand new clothes every time you open your closet. As a blogger, I want to inspire others to put an outfit together using their same pieces, but wearing them in a completely different way. Or, if I can’t come up with a new outfit with my already worn clothes, then maybe I will help others not feel insecure or embarrassed for wearing their same clothes more than once – and posting the same outfit more than once.




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