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I’m having a hard time getting into the swing of things. Almost 3 years ago, I gave birth to my daughter Abigail. When I was cleared to work out again, I hit the ground running. Doing everything I could to get back to my usual active and fit self. Before Abigail was a year old, I was back to my pre-pregnancy size and weight. I felt great! I was so proud and I had worked so hard. Fast forward a few months and I was pregnant with our second daughter, Amelia. She is going to be 9 months old in December and things aren’t going quite like I had hoped this time around.

Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I went a while before being diagnosed, because I thought that it was just my body recovering from pregnancy and giving birth. I would wake up in the morning just to move from the bedroom to the couch and lay there until it was time to go to bed again. My joints and muscles were constantly aching.Then I started getting these tremors that would not go away. My husband and I both were starting to become concerned. Low and behold there was something more going on than I thought. The only symptom I did not have was weight loss. Seriously? I had every other horrible symptom EXCEPT the one that I could have benefited from to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. The only good thing is that I wasn’t gaining.

Not only did I start out with hyperthyroidism – two months ago I found out that my body had switched to HYPOthyroidism? That’s right. My body SWITCHED. I had no idea that could happen. So here I am trying to get my body to do what I would like for it to do, but I find myself struggling. I guess I can play the blame game and say that my body is holding me back. Which it is, to some extent, but I refuse to not be the healthiest and fittest version of myself just because of this.

I know there are other women out there that are in the same situation as I am. You may or may not have a healthy issue slowing you down. You may just be slowing yourself down and making excuses for yourself. You may want to get off the couch with every fiber of your being, but the pull of your cozy couch just wants you to stay. I get it. Being a couch potato is kind of awesome – for like a weekend when your body needs to rest from your workouts.

So…are you ready to go on this journey with me? Not only are you apart of my journey, but my cousin, Amanda, of is going to be on her own fitness journey of her own. So be sure to follow her on instagram and on her blog for updates. Every Friday will be Health and Fitness Friday over here on KG Behind the Lens. I will be sharing all kinds of things with y’all. Even some of the fun stuff like workout clothes. You can NEVER have too many pairs of black leggings. Am I right?



6 thoughts on “Follow My Journey: Health and Fitness

  1. Good luck kayci! I was diagnosed with hypo/hyper (I don’t know which one it is anymore) years ago and once they figure out the perfect dosing for your meds it’s life changing let me tell ya! 😍 can’t wait to follow along with you

  2. Can’t wait to follow your fitness journey! It can be so hard to get back to yourself after babies. So very inspiring!

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