Calling All Planner Addicts: You’re Going to Want This!

Do you love planners? The feeling of putting pen to paper and planning out your days, your weeks, your months, and even your years? (If you don’t appreciate the Friends reference…well, frankly, I’m a little disappointed.) Do you love decorating your planners and making them personalized just for you? If so, I have the planner you need in your life for the new year! The WorkSpacery 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner

One thing that I really love about my WorkSpacery planner is the simple design of it. I have always been one for simplicity and not for anything that’s too busy. My life is chaotic enough as it is, I don’t need my planner to reflect that. I chose the diamond pattern for my planner and it is simply beautiful and feminine. There are 3 different designs that you can choose from. (Disclaimer: You can click on ANY image in this post to shop WorkSpacery! Using my links allows me to receive a small commission. I appreciate all of your support!!)

Another thing that I am so obsessed with about this planner, is that the weekly layouts have EQUAL SPACE FOR SATURDAY AND SUNDAY! Yep, you heard me loud and clear. I know that many people run business while living at home, like I do as a photographer, and a lot of our businesses take us into the weekends because we have so much to do and we need that extra space for Saturday and Sunday. Just another reason get this planner, y’all! It’s so good.

If you’re wondering if the planner has any extras, you betcha! In your new planner, you will also be getting: a bonus month (December 2018), goal planning section, cut-out planner bookmarks, full lined pages section for notes, lists, and more! (click here to shop planners)

I love the quality of the 2019 Weekly Refresh Planner. I love the time, love, and passion that Jenna, the owner and creator of Workspacery, has put into the design of these planners. She nailed it, and really gives people what they need and want when it comes to planning.

Below you will find more photos of the Workspacery 2019 Refresh Weekly Planner! Click on any of the photos to shop! (Disclaimer: these are affiliate links and I get a very small commission when a purchase is made using them. I appreciate the support! Click here to shop Workspacery!)


Kayci G.

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12 thoughts on “Calling All Planner Addicts: You’re Going to Want This!

  1. Love all of these! Can’t decide on a favorite but will definitely be getting one for December and for sure 2019! I love that they have equal space for Saturday and Sunday because that honestly seems to be just as busy, if not busier, days for me than the week a lot of times. So I love they have space to reflect that! Thanks for sharing love!

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